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1130 Eagle Nest Court

Tri-Valley Mortgage and Market Update for 8.15

Economic News…was on the soft side this week. Retail Sales came in less than expected for the second consecutive month and Consumer Sentiment took a … [Read More...]

Danville Real Estate

Tri-Valley Mortgage and Market Update for 3.7.14

Economic News…While all real estate is considered local the opposite is true for the mortgage market. Swings in the debt markets are influenced by … [Read More...]

Blackhawk Country Club

Blackhawk Country Club Real Estate Report

2014 has arrived and it’s time to take a look at how the Blackhawk Country Club real estate market is doing. As with many other cities in the area … [Read More...]

Happy New Year 2014

Tri-Valley Mortgage and Market Update for 1.3.14

Economic News…Well 2014 has arrived and one thing is certain which is the continued change in the mortgage markets. In early December the Federal … [Read More...]


358 Jacaranda Drive in Blackhawk

Sometimes things just happen to work out. The current real estate market in Blackhawk has made it difficult for many buyers who need to find a new … [Read More...]